Training for a safe, productive and compliant workforce

Our training programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that their workforce is equipped with the specific skills and knowledge required for their industry.


Your trusted partner

Over the years, CTRA has established a reputation as a trusted partner for some of the largest and most well-known companies in Australia. We have delivered bespoke training programs to a diverse range of organizations, including multi-nationals in industries such as waste management, industrial services, defence, engineering and heavy manufacturing, civil infrastructure, and construction. 

Our experience in these industries has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the specific training needs of each sector. We are committed to working closely with our clients to design and deliver tailored training programs  that equip their workforce with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. 

By partnering with us, you can boost you company’s productivity, reduce workplace accidents, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.


Training the workforce of tomorrow

We are dedicated to delivering training solutions that add real value to our students lives and careers, and help our clients build a safe, productive and compliant workforce.

We believe that training is essential for the growth and success of individuals and companies. Our goal is to competently train the workforce of tomorrow by delivering top-quality training solutions that meet the specific needs of students and companies in a range of industries. We achieve this goal via:

  • Training programs that are relevant, effective and tailored to the specific needs of each industry 
  • A team of trainers who are industry experts with practical, hands-on experience 
  • Providing a unique and engaging learning experience that focuses on visual and kinetic learning styles
  • Training courses designed to be interactive, hands-on and simulate real working environments, so that students are well-prepared for the challenges they may face on the job site. 

Very interactive, playful, and exciting training. It doesn’t feel like you are in a classroom. Definitely a place that I would recommend for hands-on training.

FosaGraduate – Confined Space Standby Graduate

How can we help you and your team?


Discover the CTRA Difference

Our meticulously crafted course structure and interactive learning environment gives our students ample time and opportunities to test and experiment with the equipment and paperwork used on real worksites.

Our carefully selected, fit for purpose equipment includes the most popular brands: MSA, LINQ, 3M, BAUER, SKYLOTEC and more. Our students acquire real-time skills that can be effortlessly deployed in their working environment.

Our purpose-built and engineer-certified training simulators enable our students to learn in a simulated real-life work environment, while providing our trainers the perfect platform to effectively simulate the training.

Our trainers are industry experts with extensive hands-on experience in their respective fields and a vast skill set that allows them to impart the appropriate type and specific knowledge to our students.

Our training programs are nationally accredited and recognised throughout Australia. Our students can take their qualifications with them if they moved inter-state, and our corporate partners can transfer staff from site to site with ease.

Our state-of-the-art training facility is conveniently situated in the heart of South-Western Sydney, providing easy accessibility to the main motorways and public transport.

Our sophisticated student management system gives our students and corporate partners real-time access to their training records, expiry dates, future courses, recommended refresher dates, and other relevant information.

We maintain a steadfast commitment to high standards and quality training programs. We never compromise on the quality of our training to save time, finish early, or for any other reason.

CTRA’s values of integrity, honour, and commitment compel us to set the bar exceptionally high and ensure that we always deliver on our goals and promises. Above all, worker health and safety are paramount.


Real-time access to training records for compliance peace of mind

CTRA’s student management system is a highly efficient and effective solution for companies looking to streamline their training processes and ensure compliance with industry regulations. With real-time access to training records, corporate partners can be certain that they are meeting their obligations and avoiding any potential financial and legal penalties associated with non-compliance. 

The system offers a comprehensive range of records encompassing staff competencies, tickets, and qualifications, allowing for easy tracking, and monitoring of employee training progress. Our automated expiry notifications and training enrolment features further simplify the training process, freeing up valuable time and resources.